Support Allons Danser

We need your support to keep us dancing. Here’s why:

Costs have been rising. Admission doesn’t cover bringing these world-class bands to Philly.
We’d like to keep admission affordable.

If you value keeping this music, these dances and our community going, we’re asking for increased annual membership support. For our year that started in July, we are asking for the following:

Join at the $40 level
Join at the $40 level. This helps keep the music, these dances and our community going.

Join at the $100 level or more
For those who give at least $100, you will receive an exclusive Allons Danser carry-all tote. It’s great for transporting your boots, water bottles, extra shirts etc.
And, carrying this tote will show the larger community that you support this great organization!

Consider planned giving
Love the music? Consider paying it forward by including Allons Danser in your will. You ensure a lasting legacy of this extraordinary music and dance organization for future generations.


Here’s how to join:

Donate online:
You can donate with the button below using your credit/debit card
or by using you Paypal account.
You do not need to have a Paypal account to use your credit/debit card.
When the donation page loads, please replace the $0.00 with your desired amount.
Your credit card statement will show PATMAD.


Join via mail:
Please print the form below and mail it with a check to the address on the form.
Click here for form.